Unrelated? Everything is related!

25 Mar

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Weaving the Threads.”

Take 3 parts that are unrelated? Then use a common thread? Follow me on this now.

The very fact that there is a common thread makes them related. Ha!!

But seriously, try to name 2 things that are not in some way related. Scientists are trying hard to find the one common particle that is common to everything in the universe. I think this is humanity pushing way too hard to delve into a realm of knowledge that is meant for GOD, the one true link to everything in the universe.

After saying that, there is a reason they work so hard. Because it is obvious everything is connected in one way or the other. Even if they do or do not look as far as GOD.

Look at human blood. There are different types: A, AB, B, and O. These types are different enough that following an accident receiving the wrong type of blood during treatment will very possibly kill you. Yet, take any man, woman, or child whether Black, White, Asian, or any combination; Show me someone on Earth who does not bleed red.

Lets use Ape and Man. I believe in Creation as opposed to Evolution like some believe. I will say man and ape are worlds apart. Man speaks with use of intricate, well-developed languages. The ape uses moans, groans, and blunt, coarse body language. Ha, now there is a joke for women about their husbands in there somewhere.


Look at other differences. Take civility for instance. The ape defecates in the jungle, pretty much in the open. Man uses a bathroom or in worst case an outhouse or some area shut off from society.

Man eats at the dinner table( another joke, ha) with the use of silverware, manners, and meal-time etiquette(I know, too easy to joke. I saw myself eating pizza out of a box, in front of the television watching football and action movies, burping with no care of who hears even as I wrote this paragraph). The ape eats stuff he finds on the ground, in a tree, and he definitely does not ask for permission to join the dinner-party. In some cases, I am sure an ape will even start a fight if he thinks his meal is in danger of disappearing to another.

But look at the similarities. Opposable thumbs. A carnal need for mating, protecting boundaries, and goofing-off. Only a 3 % difference in genetic make-up. Both shake their heads side-to-side to say ‘no’. Both laugh out loud, eat to calm nerves, know how to choose gender-specific toys(I.e. footballs for boys and dolls for girls), beg for food, and play fair.

Elephants and bats do not seem to have any connection. But both are mammals. Both elephants and bats are warm-blooded, milk to feed young, have 3 middle-ear bones, and take care of their young. Who else is on that list that you wouldn’t think? Try wolves, zebras, squirrels, and deer.

What are some other things that are seemingly different but related:

Melissa McCarthy(Mike and Molly) and Jenny McCarthy are both relatives.

Halle Berry and Sarah Palin are related!

Tom Hanks is related to Abraham Lincoln. Although Reagan broke the barrier between Hollywood acting and politics. But still, one is a comedic and sometimes serious actor, producer, and director. The other was President of the United States of America and lead our nation through the Civil War and all of the race, class,  and moral/religious issues that arise from the fighting.

Scientists searched through 150,000 stars to find planets. One is 500 light years away but still resembles our home enough to be labeled ‘Earth’s cousin’. This planet has the same size and temperature. It is most likely composed of rock, like Earth.

There are a lot of years difference between 1880 and 2012. But the temperatures on both years are similar. There is only a 1.53 degree difference in global temperatures. Although I find it hard to believe accurate records were taken in 1880! Ha!


You want something that is unrelated. That is my response to today’s prompt. Though my post is similar, one or two connecting threads are missing. Maybe that is a sign of humility like Mormon quilters. Yes, I just connected two seemingly different things: my blog post and Mormon quilters. I am speaking of the Amish and Mennonite saying that their quilters leave at least one or two threads love one to show humility in relation to GOD’S perfection. Want one last comparison of things that are way different before I stretch this already exhausted thread too far? This Amish saying is a myth and possibly connects its origin to Greek and Navajo Indian myths.

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A Review of a Crosswalk.com article 4 Reasons Why The Resurrection Is ‘Of First Importance’!

24 Mar

imageI do not usually do literary reviews. But, tonight I was browsing through Facebook. I came across a post that was titled 4 Reasons Why The Resurrection Is ‘Of First Importance’. I clicked on the link and it lead me to an article of the same name on Crosswalk.com. It was a practical, unassuming story written by Dr. Stanley J. Ward.

It covered the viewpoint of someone who was troubled about certain key points of the Bible asking ‘Is this Bible stuff for real?’ Dr. Ward read scripture regularly as a teenager and still had these questions. I was raised in a Baptist church as a kid, I am a dedicated Christian, and while having slightly different questions this article was still spiritually enlightening and helped put some mental misunderstandings in order.

I particularly clung to the scriptural words of the Apostle Paul, a friend and witness of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection in 1 Corinthians 15:3-8: “For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Cephas, then to the twelve. Then he appeared to more than five hundred brothers at one time, most of whom are still alive, though some have fallen asleep. Then he appeared to James, then to all the apostles. Last of all, as to one untimely born, he appeared also to me.”

As far as I am concerned, it was a good use of 5 minutes! Anyone who has followed my blog knows I make it my aim to tell important stories in a short, quick-to-read format. This article does both.


Here is the link:http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.crosswalk.com%2Fspecial-coverage%2Feaster%2Fthe-resurrection-is-of-first-importance.html%3Futm_source%3Dfacebook%26utm_medium%3Dfbpage%26utm_campaign%3Dbstupdate&h=6AQHd33O7AQGqhfsNQOCtlYtysO4xhno3Yzml6g-j8lFsQQ&enc=AZMCASwWpZMxCefOV_kBD5R9no_jzySN94nhXYCcdN3YCBRFl7I8oNMVmwhd3fQUb-KuZHEXmWJ7ID5RoaaFKfrqs-aaL0DxtOhMtvirUqmnopeSj-6a4XeCZmK40vojyl1d4Flwffnxizh4sqrrH1Vi2Wrbb5hxuxGW9ZOKwhBC2A&s=1

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Crosswalk.com, 4 Reasons Why The Resurection Is ‘Of First Importance’, and any related material is copyright of their sources. Thank you!


Me, I would write my biography! Wait, let me rephrase that!

24 Mar

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ghostwriter.”


Early Monday morning I woke up and before going back to sleep I reached for my I-Pad to check the day’s prompt. I quickly had some ideas in mind but I went back to sleep. I am glad I waited because later on in the night I read this article which I will mention soon. But I will first write what I had planned at the beginning:

‘If I was able to choose anyone I wanted to write my biography, I would want it to be me. Of course, it would have to be me. I have always wanted to be a writer.  Not to mention a ghostwriter who does ghost work is going to want to take all of the ghost profits. Ha!!

But seriously, it is my life experience. I have first-hand memories of every little detail, good or bad. Why would I want someone else to profit from all my struggles? Learn from them, yes. But not an uninterested ghostwriter, who is just getting by, making money off my story till his own story gets published.’

That was what I had in mind. Then I read an article on Facebook about how Jesus’ resurrection was written by first-hand witnesses. It goes on to say that some claim the decades between witnessing the resurrection and putting it in writing makes it unreliable. The article challenges that claim by mentioning how reporters who interviewed World War 2 survivors were asking these people who lived the events to recall what happened 70 years after the fact. Now I know nobody is going to deny these interviewees correctly remember every last detail.


I am not comparing my life to the life of Jesus; That would be ludicrous. But stories of how Jesus Christ rose from the grave and showed himself to many afterwards came from those who witnessed these historical events. But more than that, they were his friends that spread much of the accounts.

So in that way I think it would be nice to have some really close friends, who were there, to write my biography. Make it a family member, like my brother, who knows me better than anybody and that would be awesome. I would say my grandmother knows me best. But it has to be someone who tells my story way after I am gone. Ha!!

I will add that my revised ideas after reading the article come off a lot more modest! Ha!

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10-Floor: Over & Out, good buddy (Short Fiction Story)

23 Mar

Rick hung over the ledge. He instinctively looked down. There was nothing but ten floors and gravity between himself and the hotel pool. Unless you count the suspect’s grip around his ankle. But threatening to lock somebody up and attempting to cuff them by force usually didn’t lead to cooperation.

He was positive that he nailed the bad guy. 5 hours of surveillance and him and his partner Ray finally witnessed the deal, charged into the room, and took control of the crime scene. That is until a 7-foot gorilla-of-a-guy charged out of the bathroom, knocked out Ray, and used Ray’s gun to stop Rick from arresting his partner. Somehow a scuffle ensued ending in the current predicament. His yells did nothing to wake up Ray; The pool-goers were drunk and uninterested in what was happening.

‘You should have never got in my way’, scowled the dirt-bag. He kept that nickname to himself considering the delicate matter of hanging off a balcony.

‘Let me go. I mean no, don’t let me go. But, release me. No,No!! Not what I meant. (To himself) Mercy. I am hanging off the ledge and suddenly my expertise in hostage-negotiation turns to garbled attempts to simply say ‘I want to live!’.’

Suddenly Ray woke up. He managed to knock-out the missing-link and ran to the balcony. The sliding-glass door was jammed shut so he beat on it. ‘Open! Just Open up!’ But it was too late he watched as the jerk grinned and released his partner. Rick felt the sudden decreasing in altitude. He saw his life flash before his eyes. His kids. His wife. His loyal dog. He looked at the water coming closer and yelled ‘Nooooooo….’

‘Rick. Wake up! Dude! (Ray slapped him and splashed some water on his face).’

Rick woke up

‘What? Where am I? (Rubbing his eyes and coming to his senses) ‘I must have been dreaming!’

‘Yeah. You really tripped out’, Ray agreed. ‘I was banging on your window and heard you keep yelling my name. The knob was stuck as usual so I pounded on it a few times. Come on! Get dressed and let’s go get some pancakes. Cool!(to himself As he spotted the television) You got the Movie Channel. I love cop films!’

‘Okay. But, not at Mickey’s! Half-charred pancakes and low-fat syrup..That’s the real nightmare!’


Just Right! Goldilocks: Who’s She?

23 Mar

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Hello, Goldilocks!.”

There are 2 situations I have found just right. But did I try other choices? Only in my mind have I tried anything different, knowing full well that I would find nothing better. But sometimes the mind wonders.

The first situation was when I found Jesus Christ. Fire did not need to first try water and wine to know the real fire-starter was gasoline. Sure, the sky and the ground were close companions of lightning. But it only found equality with thunder. My heart burned with pain, but, as soon as I felt the living waters of GOD’s love through HIS Son Jesus I knew there was no better solution. In fact, no other solution. The was no reason to try any other way.image

The next ‘just right’ was falling in love with a dark-haired beauty named Christina. I love her dearly. I think about her every day. Besides a deep burning passion that comes second only to Jesus, the closeness in names to both loves makes it near impossible not to think of her. When I first met her, only a few days into knowing one another, I wrote Christina a letter confessing my true feelings. While my words were respectful to a girl who had not known me long, there is no doubt she was just as interested due to the clarity and frankness of the message. She gave me her phone number. Sadly I lost the piece of paper the digits were on and we had already parted ways. To this day I have only thought about other girls. Okay, maybe flirted a little too. Ha! But my love has always been hers as opposed to any other girl. It has been 11 years. She was 4 years older than me making her 35. We met at Hugeley Hospital in the Burleson, Texas area. Most likely she has moved on and eventually so will I, but never my heart.


When it comes to love there is no reason to try different options. Because deep in your heart you know there is no one better. That is to separate true love from lust, or infatuation. I am talking about the kind of love that never dies. I talk to Jesus everyday confessing my love, even over Christina. Then, on many occasions I ask if He doesn’t mind sparing a small amount of my time that He would help me find my other true love.

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(To the best of my knowledge, all scripture is copyright free)


Looking Off The Edge of Heaven: And Jumping! The Story of how I went to Heaven and was sent back for a time.

22 Mar

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Whoa!.”


I stood on the edge looking down on much of the universe. The parts I can remember are missing some very glorious and magnificent details. If I remembered too much my life would be a living Hell. I am talking about my stay in Heaven. It may have been 20 years or 200, but definitely a long residency. I will come back to this. To really understand I must start at my Earthly beginning.

I was about 7 years old. It was bedtime so I got into bed. I shared a large bed with my brother, being we were both young and space was limited in our home. I closed my eyes, but I also squinted them this time. A couple of hours instantly sped forward. So I tried to work those same eyelid muscles in an opposite way to move time backwards. It did not work. So I squinted my eyes to speed forward in time. In a single moment it was morning time. I was astounded. I had the ability to time-travel. But I shrugged it off. I ate, got dressed, and lived out the day of school including homework, chores, and following my older and bigger brother around.

That night I did not even attempt anything similar to the night before. I didn’t even give it any thought. In fact two or three nights went by. On the fourth night I was reminded when I accidentally or subconsciously flexed my eye muscles. This time I traveled backwards In time. But since I started somewhere about 1 A.M. I went back to the start of my rest roughly 10 or 15 minutes into stretching out and relaxing, my brother already dreaming.

The next night I went farther and faster forward, and each following night, further and further back fine tuning the skills of how quick and how far in either direction I cared to go. To my recollection I went as far back as a few years but only stayed for 3 or 4 minutes just to marvel. Sadly this ability faded. And what was worse was the reaction I got from a brother who thought I was just being imaginative when I asked if he noticed my absence. His response assured me there was no reason to tell my parents. If I remember right, he told them in a joking manor but I quickly denied it and played into their belief I was imagining something off a movie or book. Also spending any more time explaining was not worth the cold eggs I would be eating so I ate and got ready for the day.

I revisited this ability once or twice throughout the next couple of years but with no real seriousness as to have great tales of adventure. In fact it was not till I was a preteen that I had any experience beyond the normal realm of math, science, fistfights, and being shy towards girls. Life was pretty average. I wrapped up every year of Elementary School; My summer activities included football camp, mowing lawns for spending money, Nintendo and Sega video games and working up the nerve to call my first crush on the phone.

My brother and I moved in with our mom in the next town over. Switching schools had created its own list of social and emotional problems. Add that to the pressure of beginning middle-school and going from a small town school to a bigger city school and I was struggling and very unhappy. My mother worked hard and we had limited finances but that had always been the norm. Though losing any allowance or any other way of earning spending money was rough.

I had this dream one night in a bedroom to which I was just getting adjusted. I slept in my own bed now as me and my brother were quite grown up now. But we still shared the same room. I dreamt of the inside of a building. It was a place I had never been, I was positive. But only after what happened did I have any reason to think anything of a simple dream. The next day I had a moment of childish hope and looked up the number of a private school in the phone book. It was my best effort to deal with not being accepted in my current situation. It was very unlikely due to my mom seeking decent work, struggling to pay the rent, and worrying every night about how to feed us. But miracles happen. I don’t know how I managed it. Obviously GOD had bigger plans for my life and pitched a little help my way.

My my mother was the type to play into our childhood fantasies and pacify us by participating in our ideas. More than likely she knew the costs of a private school were impossible to pay. But, to give me some momentary joy she called the number I provided. Crazy enough, the school was private, yet small(like I grew up in) and not as expensive as most(though still a little much). So we set up a time to visit.

I was excited but still kept reality in the back of my mind especially hearing those dream killing words that every kid learns means no:

‘We’ll go look at it and then We’ll See!’, she had the nerve to say!

We will see, maybe, could be, or any combination of those coming out of the mouth of an adult always mean no. So naturally what I heard in my ears was:

‘NO! I am sorry son. I love you enough to give you some false hope. But being the loving caring provider I       am and wanting to instill in you the ability to dream and the American right to work towards those dreams we are going to keep this act (this charade) going for awhile.’

We showed up at the scheduled time. The building was modest from the outside. But when I walked through the front door, it was like being hit by a ton of bricks. It was the place, THE PLACE, I had dreamed about. From the way there was two floors, to how many rooms, right down to the 2 staircases. It was the same walls, the same look inside each room. The ceiling and the floors were an exact match to what I saw in my dream. Okay, in my dream everything was black and white.

To make a long story short, I got to attend this school. Attempting to tell my mother the shocking coincidence yet again went without success. Her mind was on bills, and GOD love her for giving me such an opportunity. How much love GOD had for me to make the impossible happen and so did she.

Living in this new town and dealing with major life changes like hormones, salvation and baptism, learning from a school curriculum that was 1 1/2 years more advanced than public school, and increasing poverty or my sensitivity to poverty was a feat in itself. The next few years got more interesting than just the start of a teenager’s journey. Even time-travel was nothing in compare. I went places, saw things, and did things that most people get to just choose one from. But these adventures were beyond time and experience.

I was a fighter-pilot, a soldier, a lover, a fighter, a family man, and yes I went to Heaven! All of this I did in the span between age 12 and 14. Like living lives within this life, if you will.

I could flood the next hundred chapters with details of heroism, Air-Force Academy, marriage, kids, every job in the book, saving lives, leading church services, running for offices, and so much more. But I will get directly to the topic that has my mind and my stomach in knots at times to this very day.

I went to Heaven. I saw Jesus. I experienced the joy of finally reaching the pinnacle of Christian existence. I was seeing with my very eyes the promises of the Holy Bible. It was bliss. Pure joy. Happiness. Everything you could imagine and more. I can’t tell you everything because I can’t remember everything. To remember would certainly be Hell. In fact, I do not completely believe in my mind. Also, a way of protecting my fragile balance. Imagine going from years, decades, centuries of living in perfect paradise and being sent back to a sinful realm of hate, let-downs, failure, pain and misery, and constant waiting to see this perfect world again. If I tell myself it never happened, it would be the worse lie one could tell. To admit it is real means I am not in a place I want to be so badly.

However, the reason I am here is fuzzy concerning the details. But one picture is clear.

I was soaking up the warm rays of Heaven. Rays of GOD’s love. No need for sunlight.

Suddenly, I stood right at the gates. I looked off the edge towards and saw the universe. It is a beautiful sight when referring to GOD’s great skill. But still, it was nothing in comparison to Heaven. Yet, I was awed. I had this feeling I was going to have to come back. Jesus spoke to me in a manner like a brother wanting to carry me home but also realizing the reality of the duty that lies ahead. He said:

‘You must go back. Your job is not yet done. I can not answer your questions about how long you will have to go back, what your exact purpose will be, or even how many more lifetimes you will have to live till you return. But be sure of this my loved one, you will be coming back and it will be for forever. I understand what you are going through. I have been to Earth myself. There is not a bitter trial you have faced yet that I did not taste on the cross. You have done well, my good servant. I have one more job for you…I can tell you this: you must tell everyone you meet that Heaven does exist. Do not worry about telling them about me. Those who receive this truth will know from whom it came. But tell it! Tell everything you can. Granted when you get back, you will have no recollection of many of these details. I would not leave you in that kind of burden. GO!!’

I hesitated, which may be a fault, just long enough to take one last look at my Lord and Saviour till i return.

‘I will accomplish it. I am sorry for the hesitation. I just wanted to say you can trust me and I love You!’, I told Him.

He responded, ‘I know. Don’t fret. (As he placed His hand on my shoulder) I love you too!’

I returned to my childhood house, a fourteen year old, and continue to live out my life to this day. I am 31 years old. I have done many more things. I have seen many more places. I have a lot of questions just like I am sure you do. But one thing I figured out, and I am sure Jesus knew it too; Obviously, I will tell everyone Heaven exists and is the place GOD’s love for all of us comes from. But, whether or not it is disobeying an order there is one thing I must do while I am here (Jesus knew my heart well enough to know i would and it was probably His way of being modest and not me disobeying). I must tell people how great and wonderful Jesus is. He took our sins unto Himself so we could be presented to GOD as a perfect gift. He Himself is in GOD and GOD in Him. Accept His love and let’s all go there…This time for all eternity! Take a leap of faith. Remember, Jesus jumped! He was living in Heaven and came to Earth and will again to come for us.


Saddam Hussein: His Evil Raged. Was his execution staged?

21 Mar

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fly on the Wall.”

Every patriotic American citizen is familiar with the sadistical tyrant Saddam Hussein and his ‘inevitable’ capture and subsequent execution. The place I would love to be a fly on the wall is behind closed doors moments before ‘somebody’ was hung.

I have only heard this story told once; I believe it was on television. According to this first-hand witness, Hussein’s cousin arrived at the gallow-centric event. As the noose was being prepared (sized-up) around S.H’s neck this next-of-kin took one look and instead of pleading one last time for a loved one he snarled and said,

‘That’s not Saddam.’

‘What do you mean?’ bystanders asked, not completely believing the claim.

image image‘Saddam is my cousin. I grew up with the man. I agree, he’s caused a lot of problems. But that is not him!’

Moments later, with mere minutes being the only thing between rehearsal and the political, military, and moral victory of many countries by the ridding of a mutual threat, officials(likely government and clandestine) lead this lower-class claimant into a closed room. When the impromptu discussion was over, the group walked out and the cousin looked in the direction of the to-be-hanged man and shouted with a devilish grin ‘That’s him! That’s Saddam! Oh-yes! I’m sure of it!’

Rumour had it this man, who lived a modest life of small means, suddenly came into a windfall of money. He went from rags to riches instantly.

So a man who is one moment sure as can be convinced his relative is not present and the next moment recants with no real excuse simultaneously has funds in his bank account increase. I would like to have been a fly in that room. No doubt several entities stood to gain a lot from making the world believe it’s enemy is dead and gone.

Of course this all hinges on whether or not this story has any truth to it at all! Maybe it was true. Or maybe someone just wanted to spin a great tale as often happens in a world where people look for instant stardom. Ha! One thing is for sure, the story-teller had enough credibility to be on a mainstream television news outlet. But I can name two reporters right off the bat who worked for outstanding networks and ended up fired for dishonest reporting.

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