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Lost Love! Can It Be Found?

11 Feb

I have a question. What do you do when you find that perfect person, a perfectly mutual thing, and then you lose the phone number and that person forever?

I will explain!

I met this girl about 10 years ago. She was about 4 years older than me. Her name was Christina. I can not remember spelling of the name.

I was instantly attracted to her, but not in a love at first sight. But at second sight I was done for. I met her at a hospital and after being hooked I wrote her a deep, meaningful letter. I am positive she was interested because the seriousness of the letter. After reading it she would not have had anything to do with me if she was not in agreement. Yes, It was really soon. But, I knew I had to act quick before I was discharged and never saw her again.

Anyway, when she gave me her number I put it with my writing pad and Bible. When discharged I left all three. I went back but all they had was my Bible, no pad and no phone number. I was shocked but I took  it like a man and moved on. Actually it wasn’t that hard. I was doing so good from my illness that I was just thankful for living healthy.

Well, 10 years has passed. there is not a single day that goes by that I don’t think about her. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. But, if I move on I will never lose the love and any woman who I marry will never have my heart. Obviously this would be wrong and unfair.

Not to mention Christina probably thinks I blew her off. Heck, maybe she really wasn’t that interested and completely moved. If I did find her, how does that conversation start? Hello, I am the guy who knew you for 72 hours and here I am. If somebody pulled that on me I would probably ask what facility they just got released from.

I will out it this way. If I ever come in her presence and have to stay anonymous and pull a ‘Person of Interest’ saving the day, If she is about to get shot I would jump in front of the bullet without her ever knowing the story. I mean I am not about to twist someone’s life around. the wound could not hurt anymore than the one that got away.

How do I possibly pick a cheesy photo to illustrate this story. I will just leave this part blank.

The rough part is if I ever find her, I will have to swallow the last 10 years of emotions, pretend we are just acquaintances and mange to say like nothing has developed inside ‘Hello, my name is Dustin. I think we have met before.’ Ha! Because the truth would be too much to drop on somebody.


Does ‘Taking Applications’ Mean ‘Now Hiring’ Or ‘Yearly File Padding: Will Not Call’

11 Feb

CapturegrgrgrI do not want to hurt anybody’s  career plans or wreck an industry. But seeing some of the job postings popping up on the internet has reminded me of something. I believe after applying many times to restaurants such as the arch or a hut of pizza (I am saying it that way to not get sued, ha, but I think you get which ones I mean) that many companies release ads for positions that do not really exist exactly this time every year. I do not know if it is for tax purposes or to pad their resume file. Either way, at least for me, applying has never landed me employment.

Having said that, one year I applied at Lowes Home Improvement in February and got called back 2 days later. I was working for them soon after. These companies hire for the Spring/Summer rush on home and garden supplies. Most jobs are temporary but can turn into permanent if you impress them. I have heard on the local news that Home Depot might hire as many as 80,000 new employees nationwide, roughly 1,200 the Dallas area.

In my opinion, I would recommend applying for Lumber or some area that still has a flow of customers after the warm seasons. The Lawn and Garden sales will drop in Winter and might leave you discharged whether you showed them you are dependable or not.

My favorite type of job is one that offers On-The-Job training. This type of work can lead to getting certified in an area of expertise that will help throughout  your career. Not to mention some few positions start out in classroom environment. I had a job working for an area minimum security prison. We sat in a classroom making $10 an hour studying material. This studying usually lasted 1 or 2 hours and we got 2 and 3 hours paid lunches while waiting for instructors to show up. But, one day a week did 7 hour workouts that made up for the easy schedule. This and the employers let you take  it easy for a few months because they expect you to work 20 hours a day and come back to work as soon as you  get home for the next 20 years. I relished the challenge but had to leave as the drive was 1 1/2 hours each way and gas was over $4 a gallon. if you stick with it 60K after 6 years and 100K after 10 years will make up for it.

Good Links To Apply  (Courtesy of Lowes)  (Courtesy of Home Depot)

For Winter Rush  (Wal-Mart)

Some Top stores are closing many stores!  GameStop is closing roughly 8%. Radio Shack and Sears are decreasing stores and hiring as well.

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Hear Monkey, See Monkey, Read Monkey, Now Do!

11 Feb

CaptureAnybody who had a stoic father knows the first thing he did when teaching you how to do something is make you do it. He probably placed the wrench in your hand and told you to give it a try. Actually mine just pointed in an inconclusive direction and blurted off some words that didn’t make any sense and expected me to get it. Then he would lose his temper. As if just being there would teach me how to change out an engine part.

But, at least he didn’t teach me how to swim by throwing me in the lake and saying ‘Swim, boy, swim!’ This happened to a friend of mine in early childhood.

Needless to say, I like doing things hands doing it all the wrong ways till the pieces fit together right. But unlike my father, I will admit when I do not know how to do something. But not after circling the same street 50 times claiming I know where I am going.

I never read the instructions. Have you ever tried to put together Ikea type of furniture. I guarantee you if you follow the directions there will be 20 leftover screws and the top shelf will slant at an angle. It is probably because the manual is written first from Chinese to French and then French to English.

My brother likes to learn by someone verbally explaining stuff, but I have always been a reader. But there is no doubt seeing something done takes away all of the confusion. It doesn’t matter what the parts are called, if you do exactly what you  see it should work. Emphasis on ‘should’. As my  junior high football coach, Coach Wallace, used to say, there is always that one person who misses the toilet when they pee.  Ha!

Long hours in the a hot Rubbermaid factory made things hard. The guy training me would show me how to place block 1 here and block 2 there. Then he would ask me, What did I just say? For the life of me, I could not tell him. He showed me again. I still couldn’t remember. When you  are on hour 11 of a 12 our shift in a factory with no air, 105 degree heat and a constant stream of pieces you have to box at rocket speed it warps your mind. I can only imagine what soldiers marching across the 150 degree Iraqi desert have to handle.

When I was a teenager, my stepfather was a police sniper and trained shooting instructor. I learned to shoot in preparation for deer hunting by receiving precise verbal, written, and visual instruction. All three put  together mixed with some natural ability created my ability to shoot a 2 foot black target 250 yards away with iron sights, no scope. When my brother went through army basic training/ infantry training his drill instructor stopped yelling at him long enough to bet him if he could hit the bulls-eye 10 times in a row, he would get down and do 50 push ups for my brother. Not long after my brother was standing over him counting to 50. The D.I. made the same bet again only to fall to the ground in shame one more time. So you can see how taking the time to teach someone in every way pays off years later.

While I learn well by written word, visual and verbal aspects are very helpful.


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1,2, Change, Change, Change

10 Feb

zebra123I do not know if It is in the Bible but I have heard it said all of the books in the world could not hold the stories of the miracles JESUS performed. I don’t know if there is enough bandwidth, hard drives, and fiber optic cable to manage all of the stories of things I have done wrong. Would I change them? I haven’t seen the outcome so I can’t truly say yes or no.

I did not finish high school. The restlessness of sitting in a seat for 8 hours a day created what I though was a brilliant idea of taking my general education diploma (GED) exam and ditching the hell-like box of a place.  Does it help me in life? No, It definitely made things harder. But, If I would have stayed my soul would have been sucked straight out of me. Sounds harsh, but any establishment that is run by old, bitter people who want to wield their authority and treat you like you are a toddler is never likeable. Keep in mind I am talking from teenage memories. Teachers are great, but you can not fully appreciate it in the moment.

I was too shy. I had what was arguably the 2 most attractive girls in my class giving me the eye. The one that says I am not just being polite, but I really like you.  But I never took advantage and asked at least one of them out; I am a one girl man. I am probably better off,  but I don’t believe myself when I say It.

What else could have been different? I could have spent a lot more time in the gym and added muscle to my 6 foot 5 inch frame. I still would have been to caring to use physical attractiveness to my advantage especially when I was not married.

This is only a small piece of things that could have gone differently. If I ever have kids I will probably tell the to have more fun because life is a marathon not a sprint-race. On the same note A’s will be mandatory and no quitting school till they get their 5th Doctorate degree or make  5-star General in the Army. Does it sound like those two sentences are a conflict in terms. Well, life is one big conflict in terms.

The picture above is the zebra, which was my high school mascot. I definitely would have picked a better figure like wolves, or lions, or even hawks, but not zebras. The zebra usually gets eaten by the lion and we usually did in football. I found the February 2012 lunch menu online. It is the same menu. Ha! I would not be surprised if it was the same food kept frozen since the year 2000.





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Zebra photo courtesy of

Menu courtesy of Fossil Research (It’s a joke)



Reincarnation: Do I believe in it?

9 Feb
Public Domain Image with custom URL link back to source out of courtesy.

Public Domain Image with custom URL link back to source    out of courtesy.

I read the word reincarnation. The first thing I think is how can I come back as a different person if I can’t decide what person I am in this life. I know I am a Christian who follows GOD’s law and lives for conversations with JESUS. But, I can not figure out what I am supposed to do with my life. I am fairly talented at writing. However, writing has shown no chance of paying the bills. I want to do good works but in the same life be able to support a wife and possibly kids.

Is this selfish? I will let you think about it while I get back on topic.

This feeling that I am more mature and experienced than my time would allow makes me think I could be an old soul in a new body and mind. Most likely I am just a recipient of GOD’s lack of boundary of time and space. Yes, this sounds like the same thing. But as the saying goes: the devil is in the details.

One thing for sure, I do not believe in Buddha, Allah, or any other false GOD. I would like to say ‘no offense’. But I truly believe in one GOD; the GOD of Abraham and Isaac, the GOD that parted the Red Sea through Moses; the same GOD that lead the would be Israelites through the burning sands while supplying water, food in the form of manna, and wisdom through Moses and other humbled leaders. Therefore, I can not say it.

I lean towards believing in things that are not tagged as Christian, such as reincarnation. But I give all the credit to GOD.

Other ideas seem to be good to practice, like Tai-Chi and the like. But they are just that a practice, not a worship. Even if they were I would thank GOD for the gift, HIS gift of HIS only SON JESUS hanging on the cross and spilling his blood out of his sin filled heart, a sin that we committed and Christ did not have to bear.

In a light note, if I come back to this world many times, I want to be a fighter-pilot, then a NAVY Seal, and then an astronaut in charge of flying through space. Okay, if I could come back with good looks like Justin Timberlake, that would be great too. What about being rich? Well, more money, more problems!2285-1266776570eUiw

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Blooming Twig Photo is Public Domain with URL out of courtesy to source:”>Blooming Twig</a> by Peter Griffin

Rebirth Photo is Public Domain with URL out of courtesy to source:”>Rebirth</a&gt; by Lillian Newman Mrs.

Much thanks to these kind sources! GOD bless!

My Idea of Home: Is it On the Range? or Out of Range?

8 Feb

Public Domain Image Courtesy of Department of Defense. Author of photo is PHC C.M. Fitzpatrick.

The near perfect view that reflects our shining country and its reach for even brighter principles; this is my idea of home. This is the White House. My home is in America.

My grandmother shared her dreams of owning a big, white house with columns and a huge yard. In my ‘united’ home we are free to share. In a capitalistic market I am free to build my idea of home: providing for loved ones, like my grandmother, and those who are less fortunate than me. I would not be where I am in life without the help of others. I definitely would not be the kind-hearted, lovable person if I was raised under strict and depleting conditions.

I am a man of faith in GOD. May I venture to say the White House could be a type of heaven? Heaven will be mine and other believer’s home soon. True leaders are destined for both places. The white paint could stand for purity given to the faithful through the blood of Jesus.

In my home I am allowed to aim high. Though I will not likely ever live in Washington D.C., I still have dreams of changing my home for the better.

My dream has always been to learn to fly, so a home with enough space to land an airplane and/or helicopter would be an idea life. Ha! In a country where there is no political ceiling to keep us from flourishing I can take-off from my modest strip of land and aim for the stars.
My true home will always be in Heaven; but this is a great place to spend my life till I get there.

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Photo is public domain courtesy of Department of Defense. Author of photo is PHC C.M. Fitzpatrick

Health and My Opinion

8 Feb


Would you want to be forced to choose between government mandated insurance and nutritious food, clothes, and school supplies.

Our bodies are a type of Christ’s temple. Jesus lives within us always. Would you go to church and leave trash on the ground and broken light-fixtures hanging from the ceiling? Try leaving your mama’s house a mess. Why would It be any better to let our bodies decay?

Having said that, If a U.S citizen can not afford the basic necessities of living a happy healthy life, then yes, the government should help financially.

Now there is a precise difference between helping the unfortunate and forcing help on those who might have a different plan or different priorities. In my opinion not wanting to be healthy is insanely stupid. But, I believe not fearing GOD and worshiping HIS son JESUS is idiotic, suicidal and sad. However, I would not force this issue on anybody. Nobody ever came to love GOD, or anybody else, by being shoved into the same room and seemingly swindled into the plans of someone else.

GOD gave us choice so we could freely choose HIS all-consuming love.

Freedom of choice is what separates us from other countries. Good health is the only way we will mange to work harder to keep up with countries that test better at math. With bad health no one, including myself,  can do good works like OUR CREATOR designed our bodies to do.

Mental and spiritual health should not be left out. Forgive me If I do not go as far as asking the government to fund churches as a way to better spiritual health. Sermons being confiscated  by way of IRS subpoena is not a good thing. There was actually a incidence where something similar happened but I can not recall exact details. Basically the revenue people wanted to ensure pastors were not placing advertisements on the back of leaflets handed out to members and that there was no brand-dropping in sermon.

The average 4 person family spends much more than $500 a month on groceries. If mandatory insurance is enacted, it will cost roughly $100 a month per adult. This is the same as saying the 4th and maybe 5th family member only gets to eat soup and thins sandwiches while the rest of the family is nourished with meat, grains, fiber, and other necessary nutrients. Why use healthcare to start the problem it was meant to fix.




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