The Effects of Flangiprop and Cheap Cures

2 Feb

National Appendix of Cures and… ,   P. 87

Last Topic: Fat Cells


Flangiprop: 1. A psychedelic mania where one believes they are back in the 60′s, mostly due to the colorful hallucinations caused by extrinsic stressors

2. A slang term for an adult male, specifically 34-40, that is overworked, unrested, and unwinds by making funny photos using smart-phone technology.

3. Greek for elongated tongue’ from the 2nd Century root word flangiopriatis.

Sentence: Ozzy Osbourne was once plagued by the affects of drugs and alcohol.  Now he is simply a tired flangiprop, enjoying his retirement age with his family and close friends.


Course of treatment

1. Doing nothing for the remainder of the weekend; no activity on Friday and Saturday; light activity Sunday

2. Use of tobacco and alcohol. Warning! This is not a recommended path to wellness. Side effects range from hangover, migraine, lost job, lost family, humiliation, etc.

See Chapter 25

Natural Cures compared to synthetic medications (pg. 123-134)

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