Tragedy Insulted By a Malady

2 Feb

Don’t take time for granted. God does take care of lost ones in Heaven. But  don’t be the cause.

(In shrill and defiant voice, full of young  ignorance)
I’m gonna do what I want Brad
I’m going to see the band                                                                                                           
(In  an understanding but forceful tone)
To you it’s dad
You will obey as long as                                                                                         Tombeau du chanoine Lucas Amiens Ange pleureur130608 .jpg
You are fed, housed, and clothed by my hand

Then maybe I need to  move out buddy
Slap( Across the face)
Maybe you do. Besides I’m tired of  your crap.

(Door slams and engine roars)
(Mother speaks walking into  room)
Let her go
You can make your point another time
She will be home  soon

Ring! Ring! Ring! Both parents asleep, they don’t  answer

(One hour later)
Ring! Ring! Ring
Still asleep still no  answer

(Thirty minutes later)
Dad gets up to get a drink of  water
He hears a ruckus outside
He takes a walk to the mailbox
And  sees lights and sirens down the road a couple of blocks

He drives that  direction
The area is taped off
He stops at the gas station
To get some  cough medicine for his cough

He gets back in
And turns on the heat on  account of the wind

He drives another block over
Nothing but first  responders
And debris from a car crash
The night is getting  colder

He slows down to a roll
Ambulance leaves
Led by an officer  on patrol

He catches a glimpse of the license plate
 Nine Five  Four Three
It hits him Suddenly

That’s Stacey’s car
She was in a  crash
That must have been her in the ambulance
Officer help me get to the  hospital fast

He no longer felt the colder
Rolling up the window was  not on his mind
Is she okay was the priority
If not will I get there in  time

He ran through the sliding doors
And spotted her friend  Alicia
She had her hands in her lap
She is dead Mr. Hock

(Friend  explaining)
She got drunk
Tried to call home
Nobody answered
So she  drove away all alone

(Dad running it through his mind)
I let her  leave
I should have resisted
I could have told her bye in the ambulance 
If my cold had not persisted

He walked outside to get some air
The  cold breeze added insult to his despair

He spotted his loved  ones
Coming to console
My wife is still at home in bed
She doesn’t  know!!!!!!

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Copyright  © Dustin Poteet

Photo Courtesy of Wikemedia Commons (Public Domain Images)


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