Writer’s Query

6 Feb


If I was a writer
What would I write?
Would it be worth the hype?

Would my writing draw me as having honor
Or draw me into an ugly corner?

Could my psyche escape the page
Or would I be stuck forever?
Lost in my own plot
Till someone more clever
Erased me
And blew the dust away in a jealous rage

Would the bank lock my royalties in a vault
Or would they lock me in an insane asylum
After I dig into the human condition too far?
A product of my own fault

Would I use a computer or pen
Searching for the genius within?
Or would I type
And be typecast as a drug store writer one could take or leave?
As I was forced to retire or concede

Would my book bindings rip and tear
Or would critics rip out my heart
Leaving me locked in my writer’s den in despair?

Would I celebrate over what award I won
Or would I lose
Taking my life into my own hands with a gun?

When they lay me to rest
Will my obituary say ” ..local penny-ante writer…”
Or will my epitaph read “” I WAS THE BEST”” ?

Copyright © Dustin Poteet


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