The Radiant Face

7 Feb


(Nothing can be compared to being in the presence of GOD like a newborn spirit that came from GOD)

The face of Moses was said to be radiant

After he was in the presence of GOD

It makes me wonder

In a way that might be odd


There are times I think IT would be great

To be in the presence of GOD in a physical way

But this is a conflict in terms

It is done in a spiritual way


GOD is spirit

Physical when Jesus is here

But GOD physically manifested on Earth

Reassures me and destroys my fear


I think when I met GOD somehow face to face

I would tell HIM my wishes

And receive HIS grace

But then I realize a concept that should be so simple

HE will bless me now

Right where I stand

HE is here with us as I write

Helping us traverse the gruesome land



In a selfish way of thinking

I think Moses must have been given his physical needs

GOD knew we wanted scientific confirmation

Even if it wasn’t what we need

Not to leave the spiritual undone

The meeting left the face of Moses shining

But don’t fret

Like I mentioned

We can talk to GOD now through HIS SON

Because of the blood HE shed

Our face will glow white

Because His blood ran red


May I ask for some understanding

Like GOD I aim to give understanding

My delivery may be weird

But the reason I wrote this is mostly for GOD

I can’t deny that my writing serves various personal purposes

But in the end my work is for HIM

As I patiently wait for HIM to

Come again so I can say HE appeared

Copyright  © Dustin Poteet











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