1,2, Change, Change, Change

10 Feb

zebra123I do not know if It is in the Bible but I have heard it said all of the books in the world could not hold the stories of the miracles JESUS performed. I don’t know if there is enough bandwidth, hard drives, and fiber optic cable to manage all of the stories of things I have done wrong. Would I change them? I haven’t seen the outcome so I can’t truly say yes or no.

I did not finish high school. The restlessness of sitting in a seat for 8 hours a day created what I though was a brilliant idea of taking my general education diploma (GED) exam and ditching the hell-like box of a place.  Does it help me in life? No, It definitely made things harder. But, If I would have stayed my soul would have been sucked straight out of me. Sounds harsh, but any establishment that is run by old, bitter people who want to wield their authority and treat you like you are a toddler is never likeable. Keep in mind I am talking from teenage memories. Teachers are great, but you can not fully appreciate it in the moment.

I was too shy. I had what was arguably the 2 most attractive girls in my class giving me the eye. The one that says I am not just being polite, but I really like you.  But I never took advantage and asked at least one of them out; I am a one girl man. I am probably better off,  but I don’t believe myself when I say It.

What else could have been different? I could have spent a lot more time in the gym and added muscle to my 6 foot 5 inch frame. I still would have been to caring to use physical attractiveness to my advantage especially when I was not married.

This is only a small piece of things that could have gone differently. If I ever have kids I will probably tell the to have more fun because life is a marathon not a sprint-race. On the same note A’s will be mandatory and no quitting school till they get their 5th Doctorate degree or make  5-star General in the Army. Does it sound like those two sentences are a conflict in terms. Well, life is one big conflict in terms.

The picture above is the zebra, which was my high school mascot. I definitely would have picked a better figure like wolves, or lions, or even hawks, but not zebras. The zebra usually gets eaten by the lion and we usually did in football. I found the February 2012 lunch menu online. It is the same menu. Ha! I would not be surprised if it was the same food kept frozen since the year 2000.





Copyright  © Dustin Poteet

Zebra photo courtesy of www.gvisd.org.

Menu courtesy of Fossil Research (It’s a joke) www.gvisd.org




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