Does ‘Taking Applications’ Mean ‘Now Hiring’ Or ‘Yearly File Padding: Will Not Call’

11 Feb

CapturegrgrgrI do not want to hurt anybody’s  career plans or wreck an industry. But seeing some of the job postings popping up on the internet has reminded me of something. I believe after applying many times to restaurants such as the arch or a hut of pizza (I am saying it that way to not get sued, ha, but I think you get which ones I mean) that many companies release ads for positions that do not really exist exactly this time every year. I do not know if it is for tax purposes or to pad their resume file. Either way, at least for me, applying has never landed me employment.

Having said that, one year I applied at Lowes Home Improvement in February and got called back 2 days later. I was working for them soon after. These companies hire for the Spring/Summer rush on home and garden supplies. Most jobs are temporary but can turn into permanent if you impress them. I have heard on the local news that Home Depot might hire as many as 80,000 new employees nationwide, roughly 1,200 the Dallas area.

In my opinion, I would recommend applying for Lumber or some area that still has a flow of customers after the warm seasons. The Lawn and Garden sales will drop in Winter and might leave you discharged whether you showed them you are dependable or not.

My favorite type of job is one that offers On-The-Job training. This type of work can lead to getting certified in an area of expertise that will help throughout  your career. Not to mention some few positions start out in classroom environment. I had a job working for an area minimum security prison. We sat in a classroom making $10 an hour studying material. This studying usually lasted 1 or 2 hours and we got 2 and 3 hours paid lunches while waiting for instructors to show up. But, one day a week did 7 hour workouts that made up for the easy schedule. This and the employers let you take  it easy for a few months because they expect you to work 20 hours a day and come back to work as soon as you  get home for the next 20 years. I relished the challenge but had to leave as the drive was 1 1/2 hours each way and gas was over $4 a gallon. if you stick with it 60K after 6 years and 100K after 10 years will make up for it.

Good Links To Apply  (Courtesy of Lowes)  (Courtesy of Home Depot)

For Winter Rush  (Wal-Mart)

Some Top stores are closing many stores!  GameStop is closing roughly 8%. Radio Shack and Sears are decreasing stores and hiring as well.

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