Open Book: Shut Case (Poem)

29 Mar

anatomical heartForgive me, this poem is stretched out and the lines are rarely separated. I have a general idea I was going for that I am not sure I expressed in the proper literary sense, but separate stanzas did not make sense.


The book opens

It is old but the pages are not worn

The creases are torn

The words are in a state of angst waiting to get off the page

But they are set, no chance of being edited

The story has a strong plot built out of stone.

The pages are covered in blood

It seems to be from the middle of the book, but who knows where the transfer came from

But it is clear it stains all of the pages but does not cover every book in the library

The material gently pulls you in, sometimes it snatches your soul

But you did not choose this book on your trip

It was not your idea to go.

Some person claims there is a sequel, this I will not discuss

But if the Words are not enough

You are a prisoner of lust

The adventure rolls up and down

But the pages are aligned


If you have not figured out

I am not talking about just a book

Art is a reflection of life

If I had to choose this book just from the cover

Who knows what I would choose

Like a long novel

It seems like too much trouble

But think!

Haven’t you ever gone ahead and read a book

Finding it was the best thing ever

You did not care how you came to read it

Just the experience and final outcome

The book is so long, It feels I will never reach the end

But I am sure the END is worth it

The blood-stained cover is calling me again

Join me in the read!



Copyright  © Dustin Poteet










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