Do you get in a bad way sometimes? I do. But we will get through it!!

16 Mar

imageHell is not being in a fiery furnace of helpless torture, especially when you belong there. Hell is being right here on Earth. Sure GOD blesses me with great things but at the same time bad happens. I am constantly torn between two worlds Earth and Heaven. I am not from here, in no way comfortable here. At the same time it is not yet my time to cross over to Heaven. Therefore I am tortured everyday. My mind and body struggle to conform to social norms and secular habits. All of this while my spirit, The Holy Spirit, says ‘No! Wrong way come back this way. ‘
Now I am not saying anything against GOD. I love HIM and HIS Son Jesus. In fact I believe so much in the fact that GOD sent HIS only child(only child, can you imagine?) to die on the cross for those who believe, confess, and repent. I just want to, and need to be, in Heaven with my Lord Who loved me enough to die on the cross. It was even so bad that Jesus, being GOD HIMSELF and knowing fully in His mind the truth that Heaven and GOD’s love exists, yelled to His FATHER Why have YOU forsaken me? I am just as sure but sometimes that empty, hopeless feeling comes over me.
Now I will push ahead in the hope for the future GOD has prepared for us and I look forward to eternal fellowship with all who make it(I hope and pray that is all of you). I just get weak sometimes. But my weakness is GOD’s strength!

Copyright (C) Dustin Poteet 2015


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