If Today Was The End

16 Mar

Found this image on Google Images(Thanks to Ministries)

As a Christian I believe it is important to spread the Gospel of Jesus’ Salvation to the best of our ability everyday. Because you never know when our last day on Earth may be; What moment it is our Lord and Savior may return. I would hate anyone to be late in accepting this salvation and be left behind. But on a lite note, after seeing my blog receive hits on tomorrow’s charts (obviously due to readers on the other side of the world) I couldn’t help but ask my reader’s in the opposite hemisphere one question if today was The End: What is it like on the Other side(Heaven, Paradise)? Ha!! Obviously I am joking, seeing as when Jesus Christ returns the whole world will know and confess the Glory of GOD in unison. But that did get your mind turning didn’t it?

Copyright (C) Dustin Poteet 2015

(To the best of my knowledge all scripture is copyright free)


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