Poem: Untitled

16 Mar


Lord I come on bended knee
YOU are the Only One between the evil and me
I am depressed instantly when I awake
This must be all a big mistake

I lay in my bed early in the morn’
My back is broke, my heart is torn
My eyes are swollen
This isn’t norm

I regret that somehow I awaken
How can you dare ask me if I want eggs and bacon?
Can’t you see I’m choking, my legs are shakin’

I walk in to my room and take a bow
Lord, how much of this will you allow?

I walk outside it’s getting cold
I love the work but this battle is getting old
This weight on my shoulders has me feeling old

It’s a jungle so I zip up my overcoat
My type of armor along with my beard
It’s my way of dealing with the shell-shock
It’s far from All She Wrote
If I could I’m afraid I’d cut my own throat
Since its a sin, I won’t
It wouldn’t help even if it was not a sin
With my luck I’d come back to life at the start
And have to deal with this misery all over again

I reach up out of the fire
And yell Your Holy Name
I come out of it unsinged
Nothing touched me but the shame
I look to Heaven, cause that’s my aim

Copyright (C) Dustin Poteet 2015


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