Places. Been but never Seen. Daily Prompt:Places

17 Mar

I want to talk about the heart, my heart, your heart. I might find it hard to mention ‘our heart’. Maybe that is why we struggle in a society set on divisiveness on every single subject that arises; We have no concern for the collective heart that binds us all together. For Christians like myself, that is GOD(GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON(Jesus), GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT). I will stop at that as not to begin a discussion of beliefs, of which I am very opinionated, and will likely talk about that in the future.

GOD has shown us great things. Oceans, Purple Mountains, Space, Organisms, Feats of Strength. But I have experienced things inside my heart both greater and worse than anything I have ever seen. Inside my heart I have felt peace, calmer than a slow stream. I have experienced love, extreme hate, shame for that hate, a feeling that lacks words only slightly described by the word euphoria(That place where you feel not only GOD’s love but HIS wisdom that cannot be described in words as well as perfect spirit. It is a perfect wisdom where I understood everything that GOD would allow, everything on Earth and Much of Space simultaneously. Now understanding that with my mind is something I do not have the gift of right now), and sadly pain & grief.

I once felt very little, if not nothing, in my heart. On September 11 2011 I felt great anger and hate for a clan of heathens that would destroy thousands in a day. Sometime around 2004 I experienced the beginning and eventually the duration of what was not a nervous breakdown but a nervous awakening. At the age of 11 I suffered a tragedy so horrible that I rarely speak of it. Nonetheless, I spent the next 8 or 9 years emotionally cut-off. If you can imagine, in 2004, I began to feel emotion again. I suddenly had a decade of emotions hit my heart(and mind, body) at once. 9 years of fantastic love, all at once. 9 years of accomplishment, all at once. And of course, 9 years of pain, sorrow, guilt, and grief……..ALL AT ONCE. Every sin that I had on my account stuck into me like a unevenly serrated knife gouging out every bit of peace and comfort. I cried, I screamed silent, I self-mutilated because the physical pain of cutting was better than the spiritual and physiological agony. But you know what? GOD heard my cries and suddenly I felt an eternity, a never-ending flood of HIS love…ALL AT ONCE! Which takes me to a great place. Heaven. I will get to ‘see it’ some day!! Hopefully, since eternity is everlasting, I will get to fellowship with you all inside the Pearly Gates, More than once!!

Copyright (C) Dustin Poteet 2015


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