Did you know?

18 Mar

imageThe Chinese word for rice and food are the same. 米飯 Or mĭfàn

So Rice=Food

As a Christian I can’t help but think that Jesus is Love

So you could very well say:image


So that got me thinking how would I say something as simple and profound as ‘Jesus is Love’ in simplified Chinese terms? Better yet ‘Jesus loves me’, a common saying for anybody who grew up attending Sunday School and those who teach it to there toddlers.

Jesus loves me

In Chinese: Ye Su Ay Wo(word for word translation)

If you reversed it Wo Ay Ye Su you would get I love Jesus

Jesus Loves Me 

               French      Oui ! Jésus m’aime ( Yes! Jesus Loves Me)

                 Italian       Sì! Gesù mi ama

                 German    Ja! Jesus liebt mich

Have you caught the similarities in each different language: Jesus, Je’sus, Gesu’ ?


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