I am 31. I can’t come up with 1 idea to make 32! Daily Prompt: 32 Flavors

18 Mar
imageThis picture is supposed to illustrate the different sections of the brain and which types of flavors and sounds they react to. Wish I had some witty, well-thought out story. My posts easily reach 500 words and delve into the realm of serious affect. But I must admit, the real reason this image caught my attention is because of this next image.
image  I can’t help but think the outline of both pictures resemble each other. Which brings me to  my point: I don’t have one. I can’t think of anything. Zero. Zip. Goose-egg. I am 6 foot 5 inches tall and well over 300 pounds. I am no stranger to the dinner-table. I have a sweet tooth that rivals Willy-Wonka. I can guzzle a 2-liter Pepsi or Dr Pepper in one night of watching Seinfeld, Family Guy, and Friends reruns. I inhale Oreos like a Olympic Sprinter inhales fresh air after the 100 meter dash. Wave a bag of powdered white donuts in front of me and I am walking around looking like Leonardo Dicaprio on Basketball Diaries begging Ernie Hudson, ‘Give me a taste. Just a taste!’ But for the first time in awhile I am speechless. Maybe because as a child while my verbal skills were forming I was also a skinny kid. Seriously! You could see my ribs sticking out, so skinny. So when I moved to a different town for my junior high years and then returned to my hometown 150 pounds heavier ready to sign up for High School football, my old buddies were shocked. I left 110 pounds; I returned 270(give or take). Which reminds me, my high school had the most raunchy food…(250 words to go) ha!

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One Response to “I am 31. I can’t come up with 1 idea to make 32! Daily Prompt: 32 Flavors”

  1. dustindpoteet83 March 18, 2015 at 9:34 am #

    Speaking of things that leave a bad taste in your mouth. High School. Ha!!

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