Saddam Hussein: His Evil Raged. Was his execution staged?

21 Mar

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fly on the Wall.”

Every patriotic American citizen is familiar with the sadistical tyrant Saddam Hussein and his ‘inevitable’ capture and subsequent execution. The place I would love to be a fly on the wall is behind closed doors moments before ‘somebody’ was hung.

I have only heard this story told once; I believe it was on television. According to this first-hand witness, Hussein’s cousin arrived at the gallow-centric event. As the noose was being prepared (sized-up) around S.H’s neck this next-of-kin took one look and instead of pleading one last time for a loved one he snarled and said,

‘That’s not Saddam.’

‘What do you mean?’ bystanders asked, not completely believing the claim.

image image‘Saddam is my cousin. I grew up with the man. I agree, he’s caused a lot of problems. But that is not him!’

Moments later, with mere minutes being the only thing between rehearsal and the political, military, and moral victory of many countries by the ridding of a mutual threat, officials(likely government and clandestine) lead this lower-class claimant into a closed room. When the impromptu discussion was over, the group walked out and the cousin looked in the direction of the to-be-hanged man and shouted with a devilish grin ‘That’s him! That’s Saddam! Oh-yes! I’m sure of it!’

Rumour had it this man, who lived a modest life of small means, suddenly came into a windfall of money. He went from rags to riches instantly.

So a man who is one moment sure as can be convinced his relative is not present and the next moment recants with no real excuse simultaneously has funds in his bank account increase. I would like to have been a fly in that room. No doubt several entities stood to gain a lot from making the world believe it’s enemy is dead and gone.

Of course this all hinges on whether or not this story has any truth to it at all! Maybe it was true. Or maybe someone just wanted to spin a great tale as often happens in a world where people look for instant stardom. Ha! One thing is for sure, the story-teller had enough credibility to be on a mainstream television news outlet. But I can name two reporters right off the bat who worked for outstanding networks and ended up fired for dishonest reporting.

Copyright (C) Dustin Poteet 2015


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