10-Floor: Over & Out, good buddy (Short Fiction Story)

23 Mar

Rick hung over the ledge. He instinctively looked down. There was nothing but ten floors and gravity between himself and the hotel pool. Unless you count the suspect’s grip around his ankle. But threatening to lock somebody up and attempting to cuff them by force usually didn’t lead to cooperation.

He was positive that he nailed the bad guy. 5 hours of surveillance and him and his partner Ray finally witnessed the deal, charged into the room, and took control of the crime scene. That is until a 7-foot gorilla-of-a-guy charged out of the bathroom, knocked out Ray, and used Ray’s gun to stop Rick from arresting his partner. Somehow a scuffle ensued ending in the current predicament. His yells did nothing to wake up Ray; The pool-goers were drunk and uninterested in what was happening.

‘You should have never got in my way’, scowled the dirt-bag. He kept that nickname to himself considering the delicate matter of hanging off a balcony.

‘Let me go. I mean no, don’t let me go. But, release me. No,No!! Not what I meant. (To himself) Mercy. I am hanging off the ledge and suddenly my expertise in hostage-negotiation turns to garbled attempts to simply say ‘I want to live!’.’

Suddenly Ray woke up. He managed to knock-out the missing-link and ran to the balcony. The sliding-glass door was jammed shut so he beat on it. ‘Open! Just Open up!’ But it was too late he watched as the jerk grinned and released his partner. Rick felt the sudden decreasing in altitude. He saw his life flash before his eyes. His kids. His wife. His loyal dog. He looked at the water coming closer and yelled ‘Nooooooo….’

‘Rick. Wake up! Dude! (Ray slapped him and splashed some water on his face).’

Rick woke up

‘What? Where am I? (Rubbing his eyes and coming to his senses) ‘I must have been dreaming!’

‘Yeah. You really tripped out’, Ray agreed. ‘I was banging on your window and heard you keep yelling my name. The knob was stuck as usual so I pounded on it a few times. Come on! Get dressed and let’s go get some pancakes. Cool!(to himself As he spotted the television) You got the Movie Channel. I love cop films!’

‘Okay. But, not at Mickey’s! Half-charred pancakes and low-fat syrup..That’s the real nightmare!’


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