About Burning Shorts



I am a dedicated, spirited guy. I express much of this on my blog lastloophole.com. But I also like to have fun and laugh a little bit. Check that. A lot!

I have over 100 poetry posts on poetry.com under Dustin Poteet, on family friendly poems.com under DustinPCleb123, and more. I also have a book self-published called Unrest In Pieces. But, to be honest, this book was something I self published when I was younger on a notion with no thought to quality. the story is great and will probably be on here, but, I didn’t take much time on the grammar check and illustration.

This blog will debut short comics, serious and funny poetry, jokes, and lots of stuff not to be taken too serious. that is, except for the poetry. 5 years of writing, 2 or 3 full-time, and I am still working at it.

In fact, the title last loophole came from a Christian/Romantic/Western story I am working on called Love’s Last Loophole. I am sure I will post parts of it from time to time. Enjoy!


Copyright © Dustin Poteet


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