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Writer’s Journey: Too bad ‘Journey’ is taken!

27 Mar

Scripture tells us GOD made man in HIS image. So as far as life goes I am the perfect image I should be. Having said this I was reading a fellow bloggers site. I will not name which one, but this lady did not just write. I mean she writes with greatly developed skill but also has a eye-catching image.

By image I mean that certain flair every movie star and rap artist walks around with. I will say hers is much more classy and not fake. Some people call it swagger, some describe it as the ‘it’ factor. I will begin with saying I am not the type that will ever walk around with gold chains and diamonds in my ears. I might one day be caught with a trimmed-out GMC Sierra. That point is the main substance of this post.

Let me explain. It seems it might be of need for me to build an image. But that comment about rolling round in a truck shows that I am not the kind of guy to show off. I could come up with a rap name, possibly Burning Shorty. But, come on, this is still over the top.

So how do I keep my modesty while glamming up my webpage? As a guy, this is the last time I will use the word ‘glamming’. How do I get more than 15 people a day to read my blog, finding paying sponsors, and become an actual ‘heavy-hitter'(also a bad rap name). Would I want to even sell-out knowing as soon as I do my message will be instantly cheapened and put on the shelf with every other so-called artist just trying to ‘come-up’ on an idea.

First things first, while I could use the income, I only have one real talent given to me by my Maker to use wisely. I also love the feeling of being honest and not a ‘car-salesman’ trying to hoodwink someone into lame products I would never touch. I am not trying to judge. If I do, it is only in an effort to find the answers in my journey of writing. Because, one thing is for sure, I want to take my gift to the next level and help others if possible. If I only end up with 15 readers a day, I will ‘try’ (emphasis on try) to still crank out quality material and leave those readers better off if only from having a reason to chuckle.

I hesitate to throw good money after bad by hiring a professional company to manage the look of Burning Shorts. The time It takes to study illustration techniques could be used to perfect my writing. The 68 thousand dollars it costs to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, while intriguing, would leave me with a Federal Loan to pay off working at an hourly position instead of writing. By some means I graduated and obtained employment in some magazine or publishing company, I would be forced to tow the company line along with the message they so desired. Even if it was an honest message, it would still be theirs.

Whether or not I start making any ‘desperate’ changes, I aim to send a message that a flawed man can learn, grow, and overcome with the Grace of GOD and the blood of HIS only SON JESUS. If you see anything differing (I should say call me on it, and please do), but it may just be my attempt to balance dreams with substance. That and I may just be trying to be a great writer when all I am doing is annoying the ones who are kind enough to put up with my personal stories.

Feel free to comment good ideas. Ha!


How Important Is My Cell Phone?

6 Feb


I am not the biggest phone user. But if any part of it is a nuisance, then one thing would not be my ringtone. I downloaded Kid Rock’s ‘Bawitdaba’ at a fair cost of 30 minutes. Yes it is prepaid, and to be honest tends to cost as much as a real smart-phone.

The connection is great and the customer service is pretty acceptably. A memorable call back in 2000 when I first started using a prepaid cell phone was calling a my cousin Bubba at work in a supermarket in Texas from Fort Benning, Georgia. I was attending my brother’s boot camp/infantry graduation.

But, good customer service does not mean anything in present day America. I feel safe in saying if you do not practice courtesy and friendly relationships with your customers then your company does not exist or will soon be liquidated. This is a prerequisite if you want to compete in a Capitalistic market.

I do not use my cell phone much beyond very close relatives and job contacts. With all undue respect, I have learned the block tool is very handy in ignoring pushy phishing operations looking for your social security number and more. I do not mind hearing a sales pitch, but make it quick and don’t approach the call in any way that sounds like a scam. If we just got introduced, don’t act like we grew up together. Just saying!

Friendly is good! Peachy and over-the top is not.

Oddly enough, after saying all of this about not being attached at the hip to my cell-phone, I would probably suffer from withdraw symptoms if I was without it. You ‘don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’ might have been the smartest thing that came out of classic rock.


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