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Me, I would write my biography! Wait, let me rephrase that!

24 Mar

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ghostwriter.”


Early Monday morning I woke up and before going back to sleep I reached for my I-Pad to check the day’s prompt. I quickly had some ideas in mind but I went back to sleep. I am glad I waited because later on in the night I read this article which I will mention soon. But I will first write what I had planned at the beginning:

‘If I was able to choose anyone I wanted to write my biography, I would want it to be me. Of course, it would have to be me. I have always wanted to be a writer.  Not to mention a ghostwriter who does ghost work is going to want to take all of the ghost profits. Ha!!

But seriously, it is my life experience. I have first-hand memories of every little detail, good or bad. Why would I want someone else to profit from all my struggles? Learn from them, yes. But not an uninterested ghostwriter, who is just getting by, making money off my story till his own story gets published.’

That was what I had in mind. Then I read an article on Facebook about how Jesus’ resurrection was written by first-hand witnesses. It goes on to say that some claim the decades between witnessing the resurrection and putting it in writing makes it unreliable. The article challenges that claim by mentioning how reporters who interviewed World War 2 survivors were asking these people who lived the events to recall what happened 70 years after the fact. Now I know nobody is going to deny these interviewees correctly remember every last detail.


I am not comparing my life to the life of Jesus; That would be ludicrous. But stories of how Jesus Christ rose from the grave and showed himself to many afterwards came from those who witnessed these historical events. But more than that, they were his friends that spread much of the accounts.

So in that way I think it would be nice to have some really close friends, who were there, to write my biography. Make it a family member, like my brother, who knows me better than anybody and that would be awesome. I would say my grandmother knows me best. But it has to be someone who tells my story way after I am gone. Ha!!

I will add that my revised ideas after reading the article come off a lot more modest! Ha!

Copyright (C) Dustin Poteet 2015


Hear Monkey, See Monkey, Read Monkey, Now Do!

11 Feb

CaptureAnybody who had a stoic father knows the first thing he did when teaching you how to do something is make you do it. He probably placed the wrench in your hand and told you to give it a try. Actually mine just pointed in an inconclusive direction and blurted off some words that didn’t make any sense and expected me to get it. Then he would lose his temper. As if just being there would teach me how to change out an engine part.

But, at least he didn’t teach me how to swim by throwing me in the lake and saying ‘Swim, boy, swim!’ This happened to a friend of mine in early childhood.

Needless to say, I like doing things hands doing it all the wrong ways till the pieces fit together right. But unlike my father, I will admit when I do not know how to do something. But not after circling the same street 50 times claiming I know where I am going.

I never read the instructions. Have you ever tried to put together Ikea type of furniture. I guarantee you if you follow the directions there will be 20 leftover screws and the top shelf will slant at an angle. It is probably because the manual is written first from Chinese to French and then French to English.

My brother likes to learn by someone verbally explaining stuff, but I have always been a reader. But there is no doubt seeing something done takes away all of the confusion. It doesn’t matter what the parts are called, if you do exactly what you  see it should work. Emphasis on ‘should’. As my  junior high football coach, Coach Wallace, used to say, there is always that one person who misses the toilet when they pee.  Ha!

Long hours in the a hot Rubbermaid factory made things hard. The guy training me would show me how to place block 1 here and block 2 there. Then he would ask me, What did I just say? For the life of me, I could not tell him. He showed me again. I still couldn’t remember. When you  are on hour 11 of a 12 our shift in a factory with no air, 105 degree heat and a constant stream of pieces you have to box at rocket speed it warps your mind. I can only imagine what soldiers marching across the 150 degree Iraqi desert have to handle.

When I was a teenager, my stepfather was a police sniper and trained shooting instructor. I learned to shoot in preparation for deer hunting by receiving precise verbal, written, and visual instruction. All three put  together mixed with some natural ability created my ability to shoot a 2 foot black target 250 yards away with iron sights, no scope. When my brother went through army basic training/ infantry training his drill instructor stopped yelling at him long enough to bet him if he could hit the bulls-eye 10 times in a row, he would get down and do 50 push ups for my brother. Not long after my brother was standing over him counting to 50. The D.I. made the same bet again only to fall to the ground in shame one more time. So you can see how taking the time to teach someone in every way pays off years later.

While I learn well by written word, visual and verbal aspects are very helpful.


Copyright  ©  Dustin Poteet

The Radiant Face

7 Feb


(Nothing can be compared to being in the presence of GOD like a newborn spirit that came from GOD)

The face of Moses was said to be radiant

After he was in the presence of GOD

It makes me wonder

In a way that might be odd


There are times I think IT would be great

To be in the presence of GOD in a physical way

But this is a conflict in terms

It is done in a spiritual way


GOD is spirit

Physical when Jesus is here

But GOD physically manifested on Earth

Reassures me and destroys my fear


I think when I met GOD somehow face to face

I would tell HIM my wishes

And receive HIS grace

But then I realize a concept that should be so simple

HE will bless me now

Right where I stand

HE is here with us as I write

Helping us traverse the gruesome land



In a selfish way of thinking

I think Moses must have been given his physical needs

GOD knew we wanted scientific confirmation

Even if it wasn’t what we need

Not to leave the spiritual undone

The meeting left the face of Moses shining

But don’t fret

Like I mentioned

We can talk to GOD now through HIS SON

Because of the blood HE shed

Our face will glow white

Because His blood ran red


May I ask for some understanding

Like GOD I aim to give understanding

My delivery may be weird

But the reason I wrote this is mostly for GOD

I can’t deny that my writing serves various personal purposes

But in the end my work is for HIM

As I patiently wait for HIM to

Come again so I can say HE appeared

Copyright  © Dustin Poteet










Tragedy Insulted By a Malady

2 Feb

Don’t take time for granted. God does take care of lost ones in Heaven. But  don’t be the cause.

(In shrill and defiant voice, full of young  ignorance)
I’m gonna do what I want Brad
I’m going to see the band                                                                                                           
(In  an understanding but forceful tone)
To you it’s dad
You will obey as long as                                                                                         Tombeau du chanoine Lucas Amiens Ange pleureur130608 .jpg
You are fed, housed, and clothed by my hand

Then maybe I need to  move out buddy
Slap( Across the face)
Maybe you do. Besides I’m tired of  your crap.

(Door slams and engine roars)
(Mother speaks walking into  room)
Let her go
You can make your point another time
She will be home  soon

Ring! Ring! Ring! Both parents asleep, they don’t  answer

(One hour later)
Ring! Ring! Ring
Still asleep still no  answer

(Thirty minutes later)
Dad gets up to get a drink of  water
He hears a ruckus outside
He takes a walk to the mailbox
And  sees lights and sirens down the road a couple of blocks

He drives that  direction
The area is taped off
He stops at the gas station
To get some  cough medicine for his cough

He gets back in
And turns on the heat on  account of the wind

He drives another block over
Nothing but first  responders
And debris from a car crash
The night is getting  colder

He slows down to a roll
Ambulance leaves
Led by an officer  on patrol

He catches a glimpse of the license plate
 Nine Five  Four Three
It hits him Suddenly

That’s Stacey’s car
She was in a  crash
That must have been her in the ambulance
Officer help me get to the  hospital fast

He no longer felt the colder
Rolling up the window was  not on his mind
Is she okay was the priority
If not will I get there in  time

He ran through the sliding doors
And spotted her friend  Alicia
She had her hands in her lap
She is dead Mr. Hock

(Friend  explaining)
She got drunk
Tried to call home
Nobody answered
So she  drove away all alone

(Dad running it through his mind)
I let her  leave
I should have resisted
I could have told her bye in the ambulance 
If my cold had not persisted

He walked outside to get some air
The  cold breeze added insult to his despair

He spotted his loved  ones
Coming to console
My wife is still at home in bed
She doesn’t  know!!!!!!

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Copyright  © Dustin Poteet

Photo Courtesy of Wikemedia Commons (Public Domain Images)