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Lost Love! Can It Be Found?

11 Feb

I have a question. What do you do when you find that perfect person, a perfectly mutual thing, and then you lose the phone number and that person forever?

I will explain!

I met this girl about 10 years ago. She was about 4 years older than me. Her name was Christina. I can not remember spelling of the name.

I was instantly attracted to her, but not in a love at first sight. But at second sight I was done for. I met her at a hospital and after being hooked I wrote her a deep, meaningful letter. I am positive she was interested because the seriousness of the letter. After reading it she would not have had anything to do with me if she was not in agreement. Yes, It was really soon. But, I knew I had to act quick before I was discharged and never saw her again.

Anyway, when she gave me her number I put it with my writing pad and Bible. When discharged I left all three. I went back but all they had was my Bible, no pad and no phone number. I was shocked but I took  it like a man and moved on. Actually it wasn’t that hard. I was doing so good from my illness that I was just thankful for living healthy.

Well, 10 years has passed. there is not a single day that goes by that I don’t think about her. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. But, if I move on I will never lose the love and any woman who I marry will never have my heart. Obviously this would be wrong and unfair.

Not to mention Christina probably thinks I blew her off. Heck, maybe she really wasn’t that interested and completely moved. If I did find her, how does that conversation start? Hello, I am the guy who knew you for 72 hours and here I am. If somebody pulled that on me I would probably ask what facility they just got released from.

I will out it this way. If I ever come in her presence and have to stay anonymous and pull a ‘Person of Interest’ saving the day, If she is about to get shot I would jump in front of the bullet without her ever knowing the story. I mean I am not about to twist someone’s life around. the wound could not hurt anymore than the one that got away.

How do I possibly pick a cheesy photo to illustrate this story. I will just leave this part blank.

The rough part is if I ever find her, I will have to swallow the last 10 years of emotions, pretend we are just acquaintances and mange to say like nothing has developed inside ‘Hello, my name is Dustin. I think we have met before.’ Ha! Because the truth would be too much to drop on somebody.


Health and My Opinion

8 Feb


Would you want to be forced to choose between government mandated insurance and nutritious food, clothes, and school supplies.

Our bodies are a type of Christ’s temple. Jesus lives within us always. Would you go to church and leave trash on the ground and broken light-fixtures hanging from the ceiling? Try leaving your mama’s house a mess. Why would It be any better to let our bodies decay?

Having said that, If a U.S citizen can not afford the basic necessities of living a happy healthy life, then yes, the government should help financially.

Now there is a precise difference between helping the unfortunate and forcing help on those who might have a different plan or different priorities. In my opinion not wanting to be healthy is insanely stupid. But, I believe not fearing GOD and worshiping HIS son JESUS is idiotic, suicidal and sad. However, I would not force this issue on anybody. Nobody ever came to love GOD, or anybody else, by being shoved into the same room and seemingly swindled into the plans of someone else.

GOD gave us choice so we could freely choose HIS all-consuming love.

Freedom of choice is what separates us from other countries. Good health is the only way we will mange to work harder to keep up with countries that test better at math. With bad health no one, including myself,  can do good works like OUR CREATOR designed our bodies to do.

Mental and spiritual health should not be left out. Forgive me If I do not go as far as asking the government to fund churches as a way to better spiritual health. Sermons being confiscated  by way of IRS subpoena is not a good thing. There was actually a incidence where something similar happened but I can not recall exact details. Basically the revenue people wanted to ensure pastors were not placing advertisements on the back of leaflets handed out to members and that there was no brand-dropping in sermon.

The average 4 person family spends much more than $500 a month on groceries. If mandatory insurance is enacted, it will cost roughly $100 a month per adult. This is the same as saying the 4th and maybe 5th family member only gets to eat soup and thins sandwiches while the rest of the family is nourished with meat, grains, fiber, and other necessary nutrients. Why use healthcare to start the problem it was meant to fix.




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