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Unrelated? Everything is related!

25 Mar

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Weaving the Threads.”

Take 3 parts that are unrelated? Then use a common thread? Follow me on this now.

The very fact that there is a common thread makes them related. Ha!!

But seriously, try to name 2 things that are not in some way related. Scientists are trying hard to find the one common particle that is common to everything in the universe. I think this is humanity pushing way too hard to delve into a realm of knowledge that is meant for GOD, the one true link to everything in the universe.

After saying that, there is a reason they work so hard. Because it is obvious everything is connected in one way or the other. Even if they do or do not look as far as GOD.

Look at human blood. There are different types: A, AB, B, and O. These types are different enough that following an accident receiving the wrong type of blood during treatment will very possibly kill you. Yet, take any man, woman, or child whether Black, White, Asian, or any combination; Show me someone on Earth who does not bleed red.

Lets use Ape and Man. I believe in Creation as opposed to Evolution like some believe. I will say man and ape are worlds apart. Man speaks with use of intricate, well-developed languages. The ape uses moans, groans, and blunt, coarse body language. Ha, now there is a joke for women about their husbands in there somewhere.


Look at other differences. Take civility for instance. The ape defecates in the jungle, pretty much in the open. Man uses a bathroom or in worst case an outhouse or some area shut off from society.

Man eats at the dinner table( another joke, ha) with the use of silverware, manners, and meal-time etiquette(I know, too easy to joke. I saw myself eating pizza out of a box, in front of the television watching football and action movies, burping with no care of who hears even as I wrote this paragraph). The ape eats stuff he finds on the ground, in a tree, and he definitely does not ask for permission to join the dinner-party. In some cases, I am sure an ape will even start a fight if he thinks his meal is in danger of disappearing to another.

But look at the similarities. Opposable thumbs. A carnal need for mating, protecting boundaries, and goofing-off. Only a 3 % difference in genetic make-up. Both shake their heads side-to-side to say ‘no’. Both laugh out loud, eat to calm nerves, know how to choose gender-specific toys(I.e. footballs for boys and dolls for girls), beg for food, and play fair.

Elephants and bats do not seem to have any connection. But both are mammals. Both elephants and bats are warm-blooded, milk to feed young, have 3 middle-ear bones, and take care of their young. Who else is on that list that you wouldn’t think? Try wolves, zebras, squirrels, and deer.

What are some other things that are seemingly different but related:

Melissa McCarthy(Mike and Molly) and Jenny McCarthy are both relatives.

Halle Berry and Sarah Palin are related!

Tom Hanks is related to Abraham Lincoln. Although Reagan broke the barrier between Hollywood acting and politics. But still, one is a comedic and sometimes serious actor, producer, and director. The other was President of the United States of America and lead our nation through the Civil War and all of the race, class,  and moral/religious issues that arise from the fighting.

Scientists searched through 150,000 stars to find planets. One is 500 light years away but still resembles our home enough to be labeled ‘Earth’s cousin’. This planet has the same size and temperature. It is most likely composed of rock, like Earth.

There are a lot of years difference between 1880 and 2012. But the temperatures on both years are similar. There is only a 1.53 degree difference in global temperatures. Although I find it hard to believe accurate records were taken in 1880! Ha!


You want something that is unrelated. That is my response to today’s prompt. Though my post is similar, one or two connecting threads are missing. Maybe that is a sign of humility like Mormon quilters. Yes, I just connected two seemingly different things: my blog post and Mormon quilters. I am speaking of the Amish and Mennonite saying that their quilters leave at least one or two threads love one to show humility in relation to GOD’S perfection. Want one last comparison of things that are way different before I stretch this already exhausted thread too far? This Amish saying is a myth and possibly connects its origin to Greek and Navajo Indian myths.

Copyright (C) Dustin Poteet 2015


Did you know?

18 Mar

imageThe Chinese word for rice and food are the same. 米飯 Or mĭfàn

So Rice=Food

As a Christian I can’t help but think that Jesus is Love

So you could very well say:image


So that got me thinking how would I say something as simple and profound as ‘Jesus is Love’ in simplified Chinese terms? Better yet ‘Jesus loves me’, a common saying for anybody who grew up attending Sunday School and those who teach it to there toddlers.

Jesus loves me

In Chinese: Ye Su Ay Wo(word for word translation)

If you reversed it Wo Ay Ye Su you would get I love Jesus

Jesus Loves Me 

               French      Oui ! Jésus m’aime ( Yes! Jesus Loves Me)

                 Italian       Sì! Gesù mi ama

                 German    Ja! Jesus liebt mich

Have you caught the similarities in each different language: Jesus, Je’sus, Gesu’ ?

Face-Down, Face-Up: Just Face It

29 Mar

Some one once said they found success the hard way. Some call this pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. But the way my life goes, I expect If I looked down my boots would be missing. And if that wasn’t enough I would  probably hang myself with the strings. Of course I would never take my life. But, I mean my worst enemy in life is usually me.

Like Jim Carey in ‘Liar-Liar I could attempt to kick my own butt, that is essentially what I am doing now. But this didn’t help him, and never helps me. The truth inevitably saves us all. But the truth is hard to swallow.

It is easier to tell ourselves everything is going to work out than except the fact life never turns out right. But even this is a lie. the truth is everything is going to be great but not into we dig in and get dirty. Like your mom used to do GOD will throw all of the stained clothes in the wash. I fear that one or two socks will go missing when the dry-cycle is over. That is essentially what these trying times are, they are a method of drying us out. Anyone who has ever taken to alcohol knows the importance of drying out. We would also never reach for the Living waters JESUS spoke of at the well.

Among other areas, I am supposed to be part Irish, part Cherokee Indian. I am also Black Dutch, oddly enough I do not believe in ‘going Dutch’ by splitting the check on a date. Just as odd is how I seemed to have inherited all of the Irish blood. I am pale. I have a fighting-temper, and I always end up face down in the mud. Though, I never drink.

I have the bad habit of trying to do things my own way, always falling down. No how many times this happens each day starts with me climbing up preparing to leap and completely expecting to fly this time. I never do. I get burned every time; at least I inherited some of the Cherokee. My face should be red with shame, but I have become numb to ridicule.

I feel just like this guy I saw on Shark Tank. He claimed that he could make gold out of ocean water by building some type of hurricane-inducing machine. Just like the doodled drawing he presented, I rarely prepare my presentation as I should.  It is an insane idea but I would not be surprised if It one day worked, his idea not mine. The man who built the atomic bomb was surely subjected to laughter not his own. This explosive invention was not the best thing for mankind and a gold machine would be the same. We are already bent on fleshly riches, me being the leader of the pack.

I am not a greedy person, but when I think about just finding love and leaving the riches, the hard truth arises once again. I am afraid in this day and age no one would want to love someone completely broke, bearing no financial or social security. No one wants a man on social-security, right? Maybe the truth is I am afraid to love someone just for who they are and that the attempt to fight the dry-out has left my personality shallow.

Either way I will be sure to jump back into the fire tomorrow. I apologize how I tend to spill my life story every time I write, right?

Copyright  © Dustin Poteet

Writer’s Journey: Too bad ‘Journey’ is taken!

27 Mar

Scripture tells us GOD made man in HIS image. So as far as life goes I am the perfect image I should be. Having said this I was reading a fellow bloggers site. I will not name which one, but this lady did not just write. I mean she writes with greatly developed skill but also has a eye-catching image.

By image I mean that certain flair every movie star and rap artist walks around with. I will say hers is much more classy and not fake. Some people call it swagger, some describe it as the ‘it’ factor. I will begin with saying I am not the type that will ever walk around with gold chains and diamonds in my ears. I might one day be caught with a trimmed-out GMC Sierra. That point is the main substance of this post.

Let me explain. It seems it might be of need for me to build an image. But that comment about rolling round in a truck shows that I am not the kind of guy to show off. I could come up with a rap name, possibly Burning Shorty. But, come on, this is still over the top.

So how do I keep my modesty while glamming up my webpage? As a guy, this is the last time I will use the word ‘glamming’. How do I get more than 15 people a day to read my blog, finding paying sponsors, and become an actual ‘heavy-hitter'(also a bad rap name). Would I want to even sell-out knowing as soon as I do my message will be instantly cheapened and put on the shelf with every other so-called artist just trying to ‘come-up’ on an idea.

First things first, while I could use the income, I only have one real talent given to me by my Maker to use wisely. I also love the feeling of being honest and not a ‘car-salesman’ trying to hoodwink someone into lame products I would never touch. I am not trying to judge. If I do, it is only in an effort to find the answers in my journey of writing. Because, one thing is for sure, I want to take my gift to the next level and help others if possible. If I only end up with 15 readers a day, I will ‘try’ (emphasis on try) to still crank out quality material and leave those readers better off if only from having a reason to chuckle.

I hesitate to throw good money after bad by hiring a professional company to manage the look of Burning Shorts. The time It takes to study illustration techniques could be used to perfect my writing. The 68 thousand dollars it costs to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, while intriguing, would leave me with a Federal Loan to pay off working at an hourly position instead of writing. By some means I graduated and obtained employment in some magazine or publishing company, I would be forced to tow the company line along with the message they so desired. Even if it was an honest message, it would still be theirs.

Whether or not I start making any ‘desperate’ changes, I aim to send a message that a flawed man can learn, grow, and overcome with the Grace of GOD and the blood of HIS only SON JESUS. If you see anything differing (I should say call me on it, and please do), but it may just be my attempt to balance dreams with substance. That and I may just be trying to be a great writer when all I am doing is annoying the ones who are kind enough to put up with my personal stories.

Feel free to comment good ideas. Ha!

Hear Monkey, See Monkey, Read Monkey, Now Do!

11 Feb

CaptureAnybody who had a stoic father knows the first thing he did when teaching you how to do something is make you do it. He probably placed the wrench in your hand and told you to give it a try. Actually mine just pointed in an inconclusive direction and blurted off some words that didn’t make any sense and expected me to get it. Then he would lose his temper. As if just being there would teach me how to change out an engine part.

But, at least he didn’t teach me how to swim by throwing me in the lake and saying ‘Swim, boy, swim!’ This happened to a friend of mine in early childhood.

Needless to say, I like doing things hands doing it all the wrong ways till the pieces fit together right. But unlike my father, I will admit when I do not know how to do something. But not after circling the same street 50 times claiming I know where I am going.

I never read the instructions. Have you ever tried to put together Ikea type of furniture. I guarantee you if you follow the directions there will be 20 leftover screws and the top shelf will slant at an angle. It is probably because the manual is written first from Chinese to French and then French to English.

My brother likes to learn by someone verbally explaining stuff, but I have always been a reader. But there is no doubt seeing something done takes away all of the confusion. It doesn’t matter what the parts are called, if you do exactly what you  see it should work. Emphasis on ‘should’. As my  junior high football coach, Coach Wallace, used to say, there is always that one person who misses the toilet when they pee.  Ha!

Long hours in the a hot Rubbermaid factory made things hard. The guy training me would show me how to place block 1 here and block 2 there. Then he would ask me, What did I just say? For the life of me, I could not tell him. He showed me again. I still couldn’t remember. When you  are on hour 11 of a 12 our shift in a factory with no air, 105 degree heat and a constant stream of pieces you have to box at rocket speed it warps your mind. I can only imagine what soldiers marching across the 150 degree Iraqi desert have to handle.

When I was a teenager, my stepfather was a police sniper and trained shooting instructor. I learned to shoot in preparation for deer hunting by receiving precise verbal, written, and visual instruction. All three put  together mixed with some natural ability created my ability to shoot a 2 foot black target 250 yards away with iron sights, no scope. When my brother went through army basic training/ infantry training his drill instructor stopped yelling at him long enough to bet him if he could hit the bulls-eye 10 times in a row, he would get down and do 50 push ups for my brother. Not long after my brother was standing over him counting to 50. The D.I. made the same bet again only to fall to the ground in shame one more time. So you can see how taking the time to teach someone in every way pays off years later.

While I learn well by written word, visual and verbal aspects are very helpful.


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