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My Idea of Home: Is it On the Range? or Out of Range?

8 Feb

Public Domain Image Courtesy of Department of Defense. Author of photo is PHC C.M. Fitzpatrick.

The near perfect view that reflects our shining country and its reach for even brighter principles; this is my idea of home. This is the White House. My home is in America.

My grandmother shared her dreams of owning a big, white house with columns and a huge yard. In my ‘united’ home we are free to share. In a capitalistic market I am free to build my idea of home: providing for loved ones, like my grandmother, and those who are less fortunate than me. I would not be where I am in life without the help of others. I definitely would not be the kind-hearted, lovable person if I was raised under strict and depleting conditions.

I am a man of faith in GOD. May I venture to say the White House could be a type of heaven? Heaven will be mine and other believer’s home soon. True leaders are destined for both places. The white paint could stand for purity given to the faithful through the blood of Jesus.

In my home I am allowed to aim high. Though I will not likely ever live in Washington D.C., I still have dreams of changing my home for the better.

My dream has always been to learn to fly, so a home with enough space to land an airplane and/or helicopter would be an idea life. Ha! In a country where there is no political ceiling to keep us from flourishing I can take-off from my modest strip of land and aim for the stars.
My true home will always be in Heaven; but this is a great place to spend my life till I get there.

Copyright © Dustin Poteet

Photo is public domain courtesy of Department of Defense. Author of photo is PHC C.M. Fitzpatrick


Health and My Opinion

8 Feb


Would you want to be forced to choose between government mandated insurance and nutritious food, clothes, and school supplies.

Our bodies are a type of Christ’s temple. Jesus lives within us always. Would you go to church and leave trash on the ground and broken light-fixtures hanging from the ceiling? Try leaving your mama’s house a mess. Why would It be any better to let our bodies decay?

Having said that, If a U.S citizen can not afford the basic necessities of living a happy healthy life, then yes, the government should help financially.

Now there is a precise difference between helping the unfortunate and forcing help on those who might have a different plan or different priorities. In my opinion not wanting to be healthy is insanely stupid. But, I believe not fearing GOD and worshiping HIS son JESUS is idiotic, suicidal and sad. However, I would not force this issue on anybody. Nobody ever came to love GOD, or anybody else, by being shoved into the same room and seemingly swindled into the plans of someone else.

GOD gave us choice so we could freely choose HIS all-consuming love.

Freedom of choice is what separates us from other countries. Good health is the only way we will mange to work harder to keep up with countries that test better at math. With bad health no one, including myself,  can do good works like OUR CREATOR designed our bodies to do.

Mental and spiritual health should not be left out. Forgive me If I do not go as far as asking the government to fund churches as a way to better spiritual health. Sermons being confiscated  by way of IRS subpoena is not a good thing. There was actually a incidence where something similar happened but I can not recall exact details. Basically the revenue people wanted to ensure pastors were not placing advertisements on the back of leaflets handed out to members and that there was no brand-dropping in sermon.

The average 4 person family spends much more than $500 a month on groceries. If mandatory insurance is enacted, it will cost roughly $100 a month per adult. This is the same as saying the 4th and maybe 5th family member only gets to eat soup and thins sandwiches while the rest of the family is nourished with meat, grains, fiber, and other necessary nutrients. Why use healthcare to start the problem it was meant to fix.




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